• Update and Apologies
  • HBL Front Discs
  • Piazzas Missing In Action??!! Update
  • Fuel Tank Sender Units
  • Replacement Front Wings
  • Piazzas on the WorldWideWeb
  • Exposure!

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Update and Apologies

IPTOC sincerely apologise to everyone looking at our website, members or not, for the lack of activity recently.

Due to work commitments and other issues, it has not been possible of late to keep up with things. However, we assure you that we are making every effort to get things back to "normal"!

As always, any Piazza or Impulse-related communication is always gratefully received at iptoc@hotmail.com - emails are the one thing that ALWAYS get answered!

 HBL Front Brake Discs

IPTOC are now pleased to offer refurbished (faced and balanced) pairs of HBL front brake discs on an exchange basis.

Price per pair, to include a brand new GENUINE ISUZU set of HBL front brake pads is £175.00, £50.00 of which is refundable upon return of a serviceable pair of old HBL discs. Prices do not include shipping, please contact iptoc@hotmail.com for more details.

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Please take the time to read not only the updates on this page, but also the short(ish!) piece about parts requests on the PARTS page. It really is important that the function and aim of IPTOC is fully understood by everyone who owns, or is interested in, an Isuzu Piazza; it would appear there are some very suspicious people amongst you! Just remember, IPTOC really is one place where you can get something for nothing!! 

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Piazzas Missing In Action??

Having trawled through available info, we now have some detail of Isuzu Piazzas which are still on the road or SORNd which are unknown to IPTOC.

So - can the eagle-eyed amongst you please keep an eye out for the following Piazzas:

D879 HUL - silver pre-Lotus - taxed

D860 GYP - black pre-Lotus - SORN

D970 GYP - red pre-Lotus - SORN

D981 GYP - blue pre-Lotus - SORN

E81 BDM - Handling by Lotus - taxed - FOUND!!!

We still only know of the definite existence of about A QUARTER of the Piazzas remaining in the UK, and it is imperative that we find as many as possible so that we can assist in any way possible in keeping these cracking cars on the road!!!

If you're not a Piazza owner, but know where there is one hiding, again - PLEASE email in with the whereabouts (and if possible contact details of the owner).

Equally, anyone who has a "spares" car or who has in the past broken a car for spares - if you have the registration and/or VIN numbers I would be grateful for them so that I can score them off the original 1662 official imports!

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Fuel Tank Sender Units

Fuel gauge showing empty? Yellow low fuel warning light staying on? Typical symptoms of a faulty JR Piazza/Impulse fuel tank sender unit.

After a prolonged period of unavailability, I can confirm that these are now available again and, as per the HBL front brake discs, are priced very competitively (well, in comparison to what they were!). As a unique part to the JR Piazza and Impulse and unserviceable when they fail, it's good to know that cars with this issue can now be fixed again. Contact iptoc@hotmail.com for more details.

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Replacement Front Wings

IPTOC are pleased to have available refurbished front wings to suit JR Piazza and Impulse cars. These have been fully derusted and e-coated and are as near to new condition as is possible. All stock is currently UK/Euro specification (i.e. with the repeater lamp hole between the wheelarch and the front door shutline) but they will physically fit all Isuzu JR models.

£160.00 each plus shipping, please contact us at iptoc@hotmail.com for more details.

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Being a bit of a sad git, I like to try and keep abreast of anything Piazza that's going on in the world, and have found these little snippets on the internet that may amuse some of you just as much as they have me!!

Firstly, the Internet Movie Cars Database has been updated, showing details of various films featuring Isuzu Impulses (the US version of the Piazza) - take a look here:


Secondly, have a squint at these movie clips on YouTube, they're pretty damn good!!




and an original Japanese advert nestles about 2 minutes 30 seconds into this interesting (ahem) collection of Japanese TV ads!


If anyone has any idea who owns these films or the copyright, please drop me a line as I would like to have MPEG copies for when YouTube and Piazzas are nothing but distant memories!!!



Yes, Practical Classics have finally recognised the Piazza as the future classic that it is and, with assistance from IPTOC and the use of Brian Hester's car, put together a Buyers' Guide which featured in the issue published in April 2007.

A follow-up article by Nigel Boothman, featuring stalwart member Dan Jenkin's car, was published in Practical Classics' October 2013 issue!